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Here's hoping

So... I have recently stumbled over the wonders of CKR RPS... I totally blame the awesomeness of Spuffyduds writing.

I just clicked 'join' at the community and hope to hell they'll accept me.

(And if you're reading oh mighty mod(s), I don't write RPS yet, but I'm told that I'm a good reviewer and beta)


Happy Halloween!

I am SO happy that we also import the good holidays from America here in Denmark.

As a poor Goth I have a hard time celebrating Valentine's Day, because hey: Single and hating it, here!

All Hallow's Eve on the other hand? Coolness incarnate!

I'm sitting here, being tortured half to death in the attempt to make my hair behave in an appropriately scary manner (usually not a problem AT ALL, especially when it's not supposed to) and loving every second (alcohol is good for your nerves, people!)

 I'm going to Denmark's only proper Goth club tonight, having gotten the last tickets and we're gonna dance and drink and have a blast, hopefully!

Happy Halloween to all of y'all out there! And a very happy All Hallow's Eve to all you pagans!

(I'll be a pirate after discarding Khali, fire-spirit, medieval queen, highway woman and many others. What are you guys going as?)

I have a Delicious Account! YAYS!

OMG, I have never felt so blessed in my LIFE!

I now have the (magical) ability to keep track of all the obscure links and stories and weird-ass stuff I wander onto when I can't sleep.

I'll be doing mainly fic-recs and whatnot, so check it out (in a week or so, when I get it all together; I've only gotten a few things up right now)

My username is ebonhush, like here (can't do links for shit, sorry)

*feels happy and acomplished*

I can haz Koolness nao? kthxbai

Warnings for rantiness and grumpy exclamations apply!

Alright. It's now *checks watch* two-oh-four AM and I'm trying desperately to sleep, because hey, work day tomorrow; only I can't 'cos it's 25 degrees (that would be centigrade, as we're in Europe, here). I don't even know (or care to calculate) what that is in Fahrenheit, but suffice to say that it's sweltering! SWELTERING! AT NIGHT! In Denmark?!?

There was a time when Denmark was home to some of the fiercest Viking tribes of the day, and I'm pretty sure they didn't have to shuck their (manly) pelts and leathers because it was too hot to sleep!

Now, I might not be a Viking; in fact I am merely a lowly Medieval reenactor (two steps up from prepubescent LARPers according to Viking reenactors *makes a note to rant about them when I can think of anything but the HEAT*), but I'm still of the conviction that it is massively unfair, that we don't just have to deal with soggy spring times, soggy winters, soggy autumns but also with soggy summers!

Yes, it's not just the heat; it's the humifidy. I took a bath this morning (a cold one, thank you; for once not caused by reading fanfic) and SEVEN hours later my hair was still wet! The mind, she boggles!

I want DRY heat, damn it. *throws hands up in disgust*. I feel much put upon, being as I am, a type who goes on vacation to places where the sun isn't likely to shine too much. Can't I get a break IN MY OWN COUNTRY?!?

Argh! *Dies from heat stroke, thus ending the rant*

Community Posting: YAY!

I've just started posting my backlog of Highlander-, X-Men-, and SGA-fic to communities and I've already gotten positive reviews on the Highlander one: about ten of them! YAYS!

I really didn't expect that fandom to be the most active one, but being as rabid a Methos girl as I happen to be *is slightly embarassed* it really shouldn't be a surprise. At the moment I'm brimming over with gratitude and happy feelings. My Methos muse is already poking me, demanding I write him an epic.

Michael Jackson.

Of course, being human I hope he rests in peace. However; being me, I rather hope he'll rest in SILENCE!


Hello... as I am slowly making my way to becoming a real girl (poster) can someone tell me if there's some arcane secret to how one posts to a community that doesn't involve first copy/pasting my document into a journal post and then copy/pasting the same document into a community post?

*is lost* I feel like I'm missing something...


I can haz Fabriks?

I cannot help but think that it's mortally unfair that my friend has a tendency to buy the most lovely fabrics for medieval use, when I can't afford 'em!

My friend Miriam and I have spent the past two hours bugging her to give it up for the greater good - namely my wardrobe of period costumes. Alas, no joy.

Why oh why must I have such uncharitable friends? Imagine: buying something you love and then refusing to give it up because I want it! The nerve!


So many ideas, my friends, and so little time!

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Genre: Fanfiction

Fandom: Highlander the Series

Title: Five things Methos never told MacLeod about his past.



Summary: What is says on the box.

Author's Notes: My first Highlander fanfic. I wanted to see if I could capture a Methos-voice. Let me know if I did. I'd rather not write the ROG than write him badly!



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